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Explanation of what we do at Catareno.

The Industry Group Announces Self-Service Technology Coverage
The Industry Group is a network of news dedicated to technology in the self-service market. This includes websites, magazines and social sites such as LinkedIn

Here is a list of news we cover:

Kiosk Industry Group — all things to do with kiosks, particularly members of KMA
Kiosks.io — all things to do with kiosks
KMA – the association site for the Kiosk Manufacturer Association
Catareno Kiosk Consulting — included is AIOs and Touchscreens
Check In Kiosk – website for check-in and check-out
Digital Signage Blog — more accurately interactive digital displays but we are stuck with “digital signage” for now.
Digital Business — looking for software like browser lockdown or commercial grade tablets and All-In-One computers?
i-Telehealth — remote health monitoring and treatment by consumers themselves, sometimes with assistance
The Industry Group – top level for the group
Keefner.com – the more sociable side of our editor in chief
Kiosk Industry Group & KMA Company Page
Kiosk Industry group discussion group
Regulatory Standards Industry Group discussion
Thin Client Industry Group discussion
Smart City Industry Group discussion
Retail Automation Industry Group discussion
Menu Board — here we focus on digital menus, indoor and outdoor. Panasonic and LG are two of our members and contribute.
PatientKiosk — patient registration kiosks in healthcare along with EHRs like Epic with Welcome Kiosk are covered
Point Of Sale RFPs — website for tracking and listing RFPs issued for POS primarily in SLED market
Retail Automation — lockers and smart vending along with innovative drive-thru and retail robotics
Rockwork.us — charity site
Self-Service Industry Group
Smart City Design — we see growing interest in smart city especially in renovating downtowns for better pedestrian access longterm
Thin Client Computing — Touchscreen Chromebooks, Zero Clients and your usual Wyse (oops I mean Dell) and HP thin client news
Touch Screens — touchscreens come in sizes from 5″ to 100″. You have LED fine pitch which are only displays
Magazines We Publish

Touch Screen Monitor News
Telemedicine News Telehealth
Menu Board Technology and Digital Menus
AIOs and Media Players (like Brightsign)
Patient Kiosk Check-In (emphasis on EPIC)
Thin Client and Cloud Computing
Best Digital Signage Solution Provider News
ADA and Accessibility in the news
Retail Automation (drive-thru, lockers, robotics, etc)
Smart City RFPs and Design (focus on US local and state)
McDonalds Kiosks and all the related to
Bitcoin ATM Kiosk news
The Industry Group
KMA Technology Corner
Technology Magazines top level
Video Channels



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KIosk Association

What We do Catareno

News From Catareno We publish, manage and maintain a network of technology sites. We do this for companies as clients, we do this for ourselves. Our focus is technology such as Self-Service, Kiosk, Thin Client, Light Client, Healthcare, Tablets, Retail Automation, Retail Systems, Telehealth and also Telemedicine.  See https://industrygroup.org for a complete list We are located in Denver,… Read More »