About Catareno

About Catareno

We are a team of self-service experts that have been in the industry for a long time.   Catareno is owned by Craig Allen Keefner.

Vertical Markets

      • Bill Pay with cash, check, coin and credit
      • Prisons & Corrections – video visitation and “check-in”
      • Internet Access – Army, Denver Public Schools

Specific Project Experience

Verizon: One of the reference technical liaisons through pre-sales, proof of concept and deployment. Work directly with Verizon IT on devices and image. Devices include check reader, bill acceptor, pin pad, magnetic card reader, barcode reader and printer. Image management required remote unattended install of all devices. Firmware level and drivers for all devices including custom OPOS for all devices. Billset and application levels for bill acceptor. Create configuration & test utilities for QA/production and assist on production line. Driver enhancements for various devices required for vendors. Registry management. Windows 7. Work closely/directly with all vendors involved. Project size 3500 units.

Bcycle: Specify/recommend low power embedded PC (4W) used in solar/wind powered application. Help develop wireless 3G solution used for communication. Project size – 2500 units.

AT&T: Chief technical liaison for production for bill acceptors and printers. Project size 5000 units.

Waste Management: Recommend and specify industrial PC with venting capable of high temp operation (135F). Research high temp coatings for touch screens used outside. Project size 750 units.

AMTRAK: Worked directly with Sita on device management for pin pads and hybrid card readers. Project size 300 units.

Speedway, Pantel, and TSYS: Large banking center units using Fujitsu cash dispensers, CTS check readers, JCM Aztec 2000 bill acceptors and card printers. Project size 800 units.

Swansons: Chief technical liaison. Device set includes thin client PC running WES2009, Epson printers, fingerprint reader, and MEI SC Cashflow. Firmware and driver updates for ongoing project management and includes ongoing support of production line as well as dealing directly with client & programmers on new iterations of devices and PCs. Project size 750 units.

Army Recreational Program ARMP: Primary manager and initial developer for Army Recreation transition platform and application development for high end game play. Includes remote monitoring and transaction processing & reporting. Project size 700 units.

Greyhound: chief technical liaison for software partner EDS and Greyhound. Developed ticking application requiring custom ActiveX development by software partner for cash dispenser. Wireless 3G configuration and management. Project size: 10 units.

Safeway: Specify PC and graphics card which includes large format remote LCDs 300 feet away through HDMI/CAT5 extenders.

Embedded Systems & O/S: Primary liaison & manager for Bsquare and Win10, Win8, POS Ready, WEPOS, WES2009 and WES7. Used in Fujitsu medical units, ARMP gaming stations, DIA, Travel Centers and Bcycle. Primary contact for Dell, HP and Microsoft regarding operating systems & licensing.

Vendor Management: SDK, driver, and pricing/configuration liaison/management for all complex devices including card readers, card printers/encoders/dispensers, bill accept and dispense including recyclers, biometrics such as fingerprint, palm vein, iris readers, passport readers, pin pads, check readers, bulk cash & coin acceptors and more. Manage repository and updates. CUSS specification & devices. PCI devices (pin pads) and PA DSS applications. International device manager for Chip & Pin. Primary manager for thin client vendors and integrations.

Vertical Managment: Primary manager for patient check-in unit which includes signature pad, fingerprint reader, printer, card reader, health card scanner and video camera. Software with interface for Allscripts and GE Centricity and custom. Worked closed with ARINC on driver license renewal stations/devices.

Production Line and QA: Established procedures for monitoring all firmware and for custom programming devices for customers. Includes billsets and mixed billsets for bill acceptance in international configurations. Manage and update device drivers for all operating systems including Linux distributions, MacOS, and Windows (all variants).

International: Extensive experience in international markets. Primary manager. Have traveled widely through UK and Europe.